Three papers on the future of classical education, presented as part of a panel sponsored by the Program Committee at the 2016 SCS Annual Meeting in San Francisco:

David Porter’s Essay on the value of studying Classics, “You’re Majoring in What?”

The Classics Major and Liberal Education.” Center for Hellenic Studies (AAC&U Liberal Education, 2009).

Classical Education and Citizenship in the 21st Century” by Gregory Crane (lecture on YouTube)

Humanities & the Liberal Arts

College is Not a Commodity. Stop Treating it Like One” by Hunter Rawlings (President, American Association of Universities) (Washington Post, 6.9.15).

‘Hamilton’ and Liberal Education” by Michael Roth (President, Wesleyan) (Huffington Post, 6.15.16)

Making the Case for the Humanities: Moving Beyond Op-Eds” by W. Robert Connor (President Emeritus, Teagle Foundation) (Inside Higher Ed, 4.22.16)

To Write Better Code, Read Virginia Woolf” by J. Bradford Hipps (NYT, 5.21.16)

Is majoring in liberal arts a mistake for students?” by Vinod Khosla (NYT, 2.10.16)

Why I Was Wrong About Liberal-Arts Majors” by David Kalt (WSJ, 6.1.2016)

“The Ancient Case Against Programming “Languages”” by Patrick Burns (Eidolon)