Departmental and Enrollment data. A spreadsheet with data entered by Chairs.

Summary of Responses to the SCS 2013-2014 Departmental Census

Association of Departments of Foreign Languages Toolkit for Department Advocacy

List of Undergraduate Classics Programs [IN DEVELOPMENT]

Exemplary Materials

Google Drive Repository, an archive of examples of:

Assessment and Learning Goals

Outreach materials

Placement Exams and Questionnaires

Promotional Materials

To submit materials to the Repository, please contact Bret Mulligan.

THE ACM CLASSICS TUNING PROJECT: repository of materials useful for teaching, assessing and publicizing Classics.


Liberal Arts College Chairs’ List: a mailing list for Classics chairs, maintained by the SCS. To join the list, contact Barbara Gold.


Careers for Classicists: Undergraduate Edition

Related Careersa useful page maintained by the SCS; although focused on careers for Classics PhDs beyond academia, much could be applicable to undergraduate majors.

 Legionnaires: The Paideia Institute maintains a list of students with degrees in Classics who are working in careers outside of academia.