Tuning Project


In 2017, five Classicists received a grant from the Associated Colleges of the Midwest to fund the Classics Tuning Project. Inspired by the American Historical Association’s Tuning Project , the team used the grant to fund three undertakings:
  1. to work with classicists from the ACM to articulate the Disciplinary “Core Competencies” of our field, and the goals we have for students graduating 4-year colleges with a major in Classics
  2. to poll alumni of the ACM colleges and ask if they felt they had achieved these competencies through their classics majors, as well as whether and how those competencies had proved useful in their chosen careers and their post-college lives.
  3. to build a repository of materials useful for teaching, assessing and publicizing these competencies
The authors of all materials in the repository have granted their permission for their use and dissemination.
Read more about the Classics Tuning Project:
  1. Hardy, Clara, Lisl Walsh, John Gruber-Miller, Sanjaya Thakur, and Angela Ziskowski. “‘The Classics Tuning Project'”: Competencies, Value and Visibility of the Classics at Small Liberal Arts Colleges.” Classical Journal 115.3-4 (2020) 481-505.
  2. the Society for Classical Studies newsletter.